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The Company

Old Europe snc was founded in 1974 by Angelo Gnocchi, a master craftsman who has taught his son, daughter, and his trusted workers, the secrets of inlaid and manufacture in furniture making.

A lot of years have passed by since we started our work, and whichever is the style, Old Europe is now a landmark in furniture making.

We know very well all the features and traditional elements of the whole range of forniture styles, so we can help our customers to make the right choice; anyway we can satisfy all the request and customization, even when there are elements that don't match with the original style.

We think each customer is unique and has his own style; that's why our mission is to give the customer the possibility to have his own and unique furniture object with his favourite style.

We design, develop and build our furniture both using the best and newest technologies and traditional machinery, to obtain the maximum precision with our traditional and artistic unique feeling.

Old Europe snc, Tradition and Technology for your Style


Old Europe di Gnocchi Angelo & C. snc | Via Arti e Mestieri, 20 - 24043 Caravaggio (Bg) - Italy | Partita IVA: 00616550166